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Jot! A cartoon name as simple as its animation. A name as simple as the cartoon’s moral premise…good vs. evil. Jot was a Christian sponsored cartoon that aired in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area during the late 1960’s. Whether their family was religious or not, a kid growing up in the suburban Patio Culture watched Jot on Sunday mornings. You had to…there was no other kid programming on TV (except Davy and Goliath) on Sunday morning. Usually it was the non-religious families that found Jot playing on their televisions because they were enjoying a leisurely Sunday morning and not getting ready for church.
Of course there’s nothing wrong with a little dose of morality in a cartoon world then filled with violence and moronic behavior. Looking back at Jot, one must also appreciate the Jesus meets Zen psychedelic wrapper in which the moral message was wrapped. If the message became too heavy for the impatient nine year old, there was always another option…actually go outside, rouse your other heathen friends, and play.

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Major Matt Mason

Major Matt Mason…just the name sounds macho! He was America’s man in space! Standing just over 5” tall, the Major was a rubber bodied fellow with an internal bendable steel skeleton. He had a snap on space helmet which attached to his permanent spacesuit. He and several other action figures that were a part of his team lived in a three-story moon station complete with a lunar walker. The moon station was comprised of a top story (the command module where the action is) with removable tinted plastic windows; a second story which was open to the moon environment (kind of like a garage for space junk), and the lower level touched the “lunar surface” and provided a place to wipe your boots. The “turbine powered-front wheel drive” lunar walker had two big multi-spoke “wheels” and the chassis dragged the ground at the rear. No wonder the Soviets never made it to the moon!

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GI Joe

GI Joe..fightin’ man from head to toe! A guy with a crew cut and a scar on his face had to be the very embodiment of suburban testosterone! All boys worth their mettle wanted to be just like Joe and many imaginary adventures allowed them to do just that. Joe did many important things…defending the free world from the Godless Communists, taking care of those pesky Third World insurgents and exploring the reaches of outer space in his sliding plastic door Mercury capsule, just to name a few….

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