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Is it, or isn’t it?

Strange memories abounded when I came across this now infamous Sears ad from 1975.Sears underwear ad

Suburban housewives all across the country beamed with various degrees of muted laughter as they called and told their friends to “Look at the new Sears catalog on page 602.” Sure enough, there it was…just to the left of item #6. Those women who took time from their domestic chores to peek at the mystery were rewarded with a familiar sight indeed! Familiar? Well, these women lived through the end of the Baby Boom you know.

Air Force photo analysis sections were much too busy dealing with Cold War reconnaissance imagery to settle the dispute once and for all, so the mystery continued.

The question that remains is did clever corporate advertising wonks deliberately place “it” in the photo to seduce women (who were the purchasers of the family’s clothing) into becoming loyal Sears customers? We’ll never really know, but I suspect that many a Patio kid chafed against crisp new Sears underwear elastic for years to come.

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