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“Nightmare” for Halloween!

Just in time for Halloween! The late night live action/horror movie thriller Nightmare was KTVT Channel 11’s (Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX) contribution towards frightening kids and adults alike. Bill Camfield, of Slam Bang Theatre fame, starred as Gorgon, the master of an evil black & white celluloid domain. As the show began, the camera would zoom down a forbidding corridor while Gorgon would introduce the premise of the film with a related live action sub-plot. Whether it was pretty girls being threatened by a swinging pendulum, killing vampires, or just general mayhem, Gorgon set the mood!

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Green Slime!

B-movie action at its best! I actually saw this movie in the theater thinking to my nine year old self “Cool special effects! Don’t touch those monsters! Wow, that lady’s space dress is tight!”. Actually, I can’t really remember seeing any slime; the title must refer to some type of alien racial slur. After all of these years it’s the theme song that sticks in my mind….Green Sliiimmme….

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Jot! A cartoon name as simple as its animation. A name as simple as the cartoon’s moral premise…good vs. evil. Jot was a Christian sponsored cartoon that aired in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area during the late 1960’s. Whether their family was religious or not, a kid growing up in the suburban Patio Culture watched Jot on Sunday mornings. You had to…there was no other kid programming on TV (except Davy and Goliath) on Sunday morning. Usually it was the non-religious families that found Jot playing on their televisions because they were enjoying a leisurely Sunday morning and not getting ready for church.
Of course there’s nothing wrong with a little dose of morality in a cartoon world then filled with violence and moronic behavior. Looking back at Jot, one must also appreciate the Jesus meets Zen psychedelic wrapper in which the moral message was wrapped. If the message became too heavy for the impatient nine year old, there was always another option…actually go outside, rouse your other heathen friends, and play.

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